Tree house For Kids with Challenges


If you’ve ever had an opportunity to play in a tree house or have had one of your own as a child, you know how special it is to have one. Those that are creative may have selected to build or help build the tree house that I’m sure was a great part of their childhood memories. The thought of this makes me smile, so imagine the smiles of those children who have had the pleasure of playing in a tree house.


As I think about our childhood with fond memories of the fun surrounding building and playing in a tree house, I think of those who have not been as fortunate, for a variety of reasons. The kids who come to mind are kids who have physical challenges. These kids often do not have the opportunity to easily enjoy things like a tree house for a variety of reasons. That was until a few guys decided to do something about it, more specifically a few “Tree House Guys.”


The Treehouse Guys have taken the concept of a tree house and created an amazing opportunity for all children to experience the fun of playing in a tree house regardless of any limitations they may have. The guys were contacted by the Make-A-Wish foundation to start creating tree houses for children with disabilities and the rest, as they say is history.



The Tree house guys are continuing to add ramps, weld brackets and connect beams in order to bring smiles to the faces of many children who may not have had the opportunity to experience the joy of playing in a tree house.   Soon the Tree house guys will be off to their next adventure in Michigan and I have a feeling there will be some very happy children in the town right outside of Ann Arbor.



Tree house for physically challenged Kids


Fun for everyone!


All Kids Can enjoy a Tree house




Tree house with ramps


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